Blake Tanberk

Bass Guitar

Blake Tanberk has had a life-long love affair with music and the foundational power of the bass.  At the early age of 13 years old, Blake began learning the upright bass and performing with the school orchestra.  In high school, Blake picked up the bass guitar, joined the vocal jazz band and in 1998, competed at Carnegie Hall.

Furthering his musical studies, he attended McNally Smith and earned a Bachelors degree in Bass Performance.  While at McNally, he acquired a strong network of influential musicians and studied genres ranging from classical to Latin and funk, and everything in between.

Blake has been on stage with notable local talents such as Boogie Wonderland, Mikel Wright & the Wrongs, Sarah Morris, Blue Water Kings, Javier Trejo, Jimmy Bayard, 2 Mile Final and the Devon Worley Band.

Some of Blake’s major early influences are David Bowie, Beck, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.  Currently, he is inspired by Cory Wong, Vulfpeck, Novalima, The Wood Brothers and sounds of the Doo-Wop era.

Offstage, Blake enjoys spending time playing his classical guitar and Fender Rhodes keyboard at his home with his girlfriend, family, and dog.  Occasionally he can be found on a snowboard or skateboard and collecting/ spinning records as a DJ.  Engaged in music production and fascinated with art and filmmaking- he has also been busy working on solo and collaborative musical projects.

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